Team One


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Boat One is the best boat ever.

Team Members: Flanaman, King, and Whale

Theme: Space
Intro Music: Mars, the Bringer of War, by Gustav Holst

The team name originates from the sheer lack of effort initially put forth. We as a team, however, after changing the original designs several times throughout the building process have created a monster of a water vessel.

Original Design: Star Wars X-Wing, which would have been way cooler, only for the fact that it was designed on the premiss that only one person had to be in the boat at a time. There was however a rule change that made it so we had to have two people in the boat at one time and because of the wings and how the boat was already shaping up we had to scrap the wings for more favorable “thrusters” so that both people could paddle, therefor increasing our speed. Due to the fact that we still wanted to have a space theme and we already had a pretty salad shell of the boat we decided to make it a real life rocket ship that only floats and doesn’t fly whatsoever.

Disadvantages: The main disadvantage is the fact that our team includes the two biggest people in class (King and Whale). This was not a huge concern until the aforementioned rule change was put into place but now The King and the Baby Beluga have to switch halfway through the race while the boat is in the water. Flanaman will stay in the boat the entire time to help with paddling. Seal-it brand and Project Source Duck tape which led to major unsticking problems and having to re-tape multiple times. Also dealing with other teams jealousy due to the fact that they were scared because our boat is superior.

Advantages: Well, we have had many a good thing happen for us that allowed us to build the superior boat. First of all we were able to agree on a theme (although it changed, the shell did not) much before other teams which allowed us to start sooner. We also work much better as a team than the others which for the most part kept the bickering down. Also due to our early start on the building process we were able to pick out the premium cardboard for our main base (which was literally battled over with a Mexican and a midget). Gorilla tape (basically sticky leather) and name brand duck tape ( both with superior sticking ability) which allowed us to hold together critical parts of the boat. Better knowledge of building that allowed us to build a boat that will float and looks cool that is something other than a box or triangle. All team members worked consistently (no people laying on tables doing nothing for an entire class).