At one instance it is sinking, and at another it is floating.

We like to call ourselves Team S.O.U.P.   This stands for the Society Of Undecided Physicists.

Team Members (or what you can call us) : Karrot, B.V. , and The Shaffer.  Everyone seems to have little faith in us since our boat looks like a box and weighs a lot.  However, we believe we have done a very good job supporting and reinforcing our boat and trust that it will perform adequately.

Team Members– Zach S, Kyler M, Ben V.

Theme– The Dew of the Mountain (Mtn. Dew. of course)

Theme Song– Won’t Get Fooled Again by The Who

Biggest Problem (not really though)– Figuring out how to differentiate the bottom of the bottom of the bottom from the top of the top of the bottom of the boat.

Actual Biggest Problem– We dealt with a large array of problems involving tape unsticking from the boat and had to trouble shoot how to rebind the boat to itself.

Boat Colors– Green and Silver

Name Inspiration-Schrödinger was a scientist way way back when, who hypothesized an experiment involving a cat trapped in a box with a sealed vial of poison. The box was to be sealed and the vial set to release the poison at a random time. Schrödinger then stated that the, until the box was opened, the cat could be considered both alive and dead. So we named the boat Shröt in honor of his experiment….until the boat is the water it can be considered both sinking and floating…clever right?

Purpose– To bring death and destruction to all the other boats and their teams…or to sink. I mean it is Schrödinger’s boat after all.

Moral of the Boat– “Success is the ability to go from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm,” – Sir Winston Churchill.

Main Design– The Original idea was to take two similarly constructed, flat pieces of cardboard, rig bracing between them, and then bind them together. We would then continue to add walls and lack a point at the front. We then strode off this path, finding that time was of the essence, so we then simply attached the two flat bottoms to themselves (hence the biggest problem) and added a pointed end to the front, figuring that the water would rip the boat apart without it.