Team Rogue

The Omaha

Team Members: Gabe and Sam

Details about the theme: Gabe and I have had an unbreakable bond since about a year ago. Our great inspiration comes from our drive to compete and thriving to top the competition. We figured with our determination and persistence, we would be unstoppable. Between us, competition spurs on innovation. If we had a bigger time frame to complete this project, obviously we would’ve come out on top. Gabe and I, although defeated in the regatta, are not defeated at heart. We will continue to clash with one another to spur on to become the great minds of the century. We drive each other, and although we did not win this year, lifelong friendship and close bonds are good enough for me.

Boat Theme: World War II

Boat Colors: Camouflage

Quote for the boat: “What has one day been lived can be relived through art and nature.”

Because our theme is WWII, we are reliving that scenario through our boat, bringing out the sense of our quote. The art and nature is the boat and the reliving is the regatta.

Theme Song: We are the champions

Winners: MVP – Sam Slick